Windows 7 Build 7048截图大赏


Win7之家:Windows 7 Build 7048截图大赏

Windows 7 Build 7048,这已经是最近几个礼拜里我安装的第三个版本Windows 7了,也是最有意思的一个。因为其他几个版本并没有包括功能上的改变,只是多了一些壁纸和换了几个图标,而7048则不同,比如,IE 8就可以随意移除。

澳门新葡亰平台官网,Windows 7 build 7048 is the third of three interim builds of Microsoft's next OS that I've seen over the past few weeks and, as the most recent, is also the most interesting.

The other interim builds didn't include any major functional changes, but had a few new icons and new wallpapers. Build 7048 is different however, and it includes the first major functional change to Windows 7 since the Beta: You can now remove Internet Explorer 8 using the standard Windows Features applet. Amazing. And yes, there are a number of new icons and wallpapers, too. What the heck....